Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interview with Birdchannel

Birdchannel put out one more article on the Yacolt Parrots today.

We are currently trying to get more nesting boxes for the Parrots in hopes to shield them from the harsh weather that is making it's way into this tiny town.

A lot of residents have been really supportive and giving permission to put nesting boxes up in their yards and properties.

The conditions are getting worse for this type of work, hopefully they will lighten or we will be done soon.

I definitely don't want to see any other Parrots fall because of this weather. Let's hope that we can save the remaining community of birds.

You can find the article from Birdchannel located here: Birdchannel Update Article

Thank you to all of my volunteers and people giving donations of supplies. It is very much appreciated.