Monday, February 16, 2009

February 12th 2009 Update from Yacolt.

Today we received a report from the Welker family that they have heard more sounds of newborn Babies from their Nest Platform.
(The new family of six Quakers outside their new home)
Click on image to enlarge photo.Below is a photo taken by the Welker's, of one of the parents exiting the nest platform on the north side of the nest platform.

Below is a photo taken by the Welker’s, of a closer look at both parents now exiting the nest platform. Apparently encouraging the fledgling babies to exit.

Below is another photo taken by the Welker’s,

of the babies birds perching in the tree close’s to their new found world.

Yacolt, Washington.

With the sighting of these two new babies we have a confirmed 22 Quakers alive since the rescue efforts started in November 29th 2007.


Please stay tuned for developing updates from Yacolt, Washington.

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