Sunday, April 12, 2009

1st Year Annivesary Happy Easter Report From-Tuesday April 7th 2009. Seed donation for the Yacolt, Washington Quakers.




Sunday March 23rd, 2008 HAPPY EASTER !
Today were pleased to announce the completion of the installation of our final Nest Box in Yacolt Washington.
Yacolt residents Lisa & Glenn Welker.Proudly show off the “We’re Number 1 Sign!”The Welkers are the proud owners of the first completed nest platform installed by Northwest Bird Rescue Inc.

Glenn & Lisa Welker

2009 Our 1st Year Quaker Anniversary Happy Easter Report.
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009.

It was beautiful 72 degree day on the drive up to Yacolt Washington to visit the Quakers. I arrive in the town at the corner of Jones Street & Hubbard. This is one of the corners where a power pole once had a Quaker’s nest.
It's now clear of any nesting material.
As I arrived at the primary old nesting location of the Quaker Parrots.

We video taped this pair of Quakers flying out of this nest.

(On the corner of Hubbard and Twin Falls Road)

We dropped off 70lbs of seed that was donated for the Yacolt Quaker’s survival.

As we arrived at the Glenn Welker’s home, his family greeted me and helped unload the seed.

Josh Welker of Yacolt is in photo above

Glenn & Lisa Welker of Yacolt in photo above.
When I arrived in the back yard of the Welkers, I immediately saw a pair of Quakers exiting their nest.

4-7-2009 Glenn Welker reports on video about the Quaker’s reconstruction of their nest.

4-7-2009 Video of possible new babies inside the nest, reported by Glenn Welker.

The Welker Family just recently added a new member to their family,
“Lucy” a hand-fed baby Quaker".

“Lucy” Was purchased from their local bird store called "The Parrot Perch of Vancouver."

“Lucy” is receiving plenty of love form the Welker family.

I stop by Nest platform # 2 before sundown to inspect the platform.

On arrival I just missed taking a photo of two Quakers exiting the nest.

Here is a dusk photo of nest platform # 2, where we have had

reports of some Quakers residing.

Above is a past photo of the Yacolt Quakers in 2008.

Now we have reports of more babies in the nest.

Stay Tuned for more Updates.