Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st , 2009 ~~ A Halloweens scare !

Sunday October 31st 2009 A Halloween scare of a cold rescue of an escaped exotic bird named" Toby"

During the afternoon of; "Sunday October 31st 2009.
We received a call from the Omar family.
They needed assistance retrieving their Umbrella Cockatoo from a 45-foot tree.
Their bird was startled while on the shoulder of Mr. Omar while he took out the trash.

A volunteer of was notified immediately, and was on site within 30 minutes.

Irena from Portland Oregon’s division of: volunteer holding "Toby" after his capture.

Irena of climbed out of her sick bed with the Swine flu to help capture "Toby.”
Irena is the true heroin of this story.
She stayed on sight for over two hours until we arrived. "Toby" Wet and confused, but saved from danger's from the wildlife of the Great Northwest.
Falling asleep after a long day in the tree.

The Omar’s with Irena in the background say goodbye and now start to enjoy their Halloweens night.