Wednesday, January 13, 2010

01-05-2010 Apple the Quaker Escapes, N.W. Bird Rescue & Parrot 911 Alert helps Reunites Bird.

Tuesday January 05, 2010

Apple the Quaker was startled from her perch escapes out the front door of her Tualatin Oregon Apartmen. In the early morning of a misty then rainy day in the Portland Oregon Suburb, the Owner Terry franticly chases the bir. Terry wisely places an ad on Craig’s list then calls Chris the Birdman of N.W. Bird Rescue of Vancouver, Washington for help and advice. Then Christa & Christi from Parrot 911 Alert respond to the Craig’s list posting. The collaborations of three Chris’s go into stealth mode to retrieve this lost feathered soul.
After two long days of poster placing and worrying; the hard work of posting ad’s with the correct verbiage. The ad‘s helped reunite APPLE the Quaker get reunited with her owner Terry.
Below is the Thank you letter posted by the Owner Terry.
THANK YOU to the kids of the Horizon Christian Elementary School and a wonderful man named Scott for finding and bringing my Apple back to me. Thanks to the vet who clipped Apples wings for free when Scott brought him in. Thanks for the great people from and for all their help and support and helping me search and put up flyers and get the word out and their willingness to come out even all the way from Vancouver and climb trees. Thankfully it didn't come to tree climbing. Apple is HOME, thanks to everyone for everything.

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