Thursday, January 22, 2009

1-21-09 We have been reminded again how much are services are needed as we where reunited with an old friend. “Rosie”

On Tuesday 01-20-2009
We received a call from a local resident tat they needed to place a bird that they had rescued from a drug house.
While interviewing the Good Samaritan the description and name of this bird named “Rosie” sounded familiar.
A Red Lorie Named Rosie.

This Good Samaritan described certain characteristics that sounded very familiar to me.
And she told me that she had purchased a new cage, and a Lorie Pet owners hand book and plenty of supplies. But just after 3 monhths time of being with her that Rosey had to go.
One of Rosie's new toy's..

Our suspicions were confirmed upon arrival.
This Red Lorie Named “Rosie”
Is the same Red Lorie that N. W. Bird Rescue had taken into our Sanctuary back in late 2002.

Rosie was featured in an article published in our local newspaper,
“The Columbian” in a nice two page article Named “Under his Wing” on July 18th, 2004. The photo was taken by their staff photographer Janet Mathews,
and was nominated as one of the photos of the year.
(Below find the article and a link to the story)

The Columbian News Article page # 2 Photo taken by Janet Mathews From the “Under his Wing”.

Views link below for a closer look.

As a volunteer and I interviewed this Good Samaritan we filmed Rosie in action.

Please listen as the Samaritan describe's the series of Rosie's recent history.
( A short video clip below)

Additional video statements from The Good Samaritan, helps explain the story.

( A short video clip below)

Rosie on her new cage.

This unnamed Good Samaritan told us that Rosie didn’t get along with her Sun Conure and she just suffered a divorce.

And her ex-husband purchased the bird from a suspicious man who seemed to be on drugs when he purchased this bird.

(Her Video testimony is below. )

Now that the Good Samaritan has signed the custody of the bird over to;

N.W. Bird Rescue Inc.
After contacting the Battleground Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff Department.

Both offices found no records of a bird of this description being reported as stolen.
The Clark County Sheriff Department did confirm the death of one of the two that was reported to me as the previous owners. 1-22-09 1:44 pm.

( A short video clip below)

For now,
It’s nice to see Rosie...
And all her Glory…

Back home…

Warm and Cozy …