Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"These are the words that I love to see posted on 911 Parrot Alert. It means that a parrot has been reunited with his or her family against the odds"

A Quote from Christa Kangas of;

911 Parrot Alert of Vancouver Washington.

These are the words that I love to see posted on 911 Parrot Alert. It means that a parrot has been reunited with his or her family against the odds.
911 Parrot Alert is a great online community. They have volunteers that are checking online daily for lost and found birds. When they find them, they are posted on the email group. That way there is one central area for owners to come and look. Their volunteers also coordinate communications between lost and found postings and pick-ups etc.

I help Chrisi who is also local. She sends me people to email, call
or go to the site to see if I can help. Mostly I am behind the scenes doing the coordinating.
When I started volunteering, I looked for other people that might be able to help reunite the birds with their owners. Locally, there is a rescue called the NW Bird Rescue . I called; Chris and I have been working together for about 4 years.
This last Sunday, Chris called letting me know that there was an African Grey stuck in a tree. The bird had been in that tree most of the day. My husband and I raced out there. The site was only about 10 minutes away from my house. We arrived about 3pm. Sure enough, there was the bird, Smokey, about 50 feet up in the tree. My heart dropped when we arrived. There really seemed to be no way to get that bird out of the tree. We tried a tree company, a young man able to climb the tree, things were tossed at the branch to try and dislodge the bird. Nothing worked. Smokey was settled in for the night. With a heavy heart I left, praying that he would be there in the morning.
Bright and early at 7am I walked back under the tree. To my dismay, Smokey was no where to be found. Later I found out that the owner was able to scare him out of the tree but they lost sight of him. I walked around the complex and nearby neighborhood calling for him. The next plan of action would be to put up signs.
I went back to the area and posted flyers. A lady in the apartment complex saw one of the signs, and minutes later, saw Smokey walking across the parking lot! He was right across the street from his own home. She picked him up and called the number on the flyer, NW Bird Rescue, who then called me to make sure that this was definitely Smokey (there are 2 other CAGs lost within flying distance of Vancouver). He was reunited with his family!The media attended to document this wonderful reunion. I hope that the coverage will benefit the other lost birds and help the be reunited with their families

Below is a photo of Christa Kangas of Parrot 911 Alert with "Smokey "the African Grey Parrot found,
January 14th,2009

Below is a photo of Christopher Driggins after a twenty hour day, late that evening with "Smokey"Before reuniting him wit his lost mom.

Below is a photo of Christa Kangas reuniting "Smokey" the African Grey back to her lost wingless mom...

Below, please view the video from our local KGW News Channel 8 from Portland Oregon.