Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th, 2009 A Rescue call from a pair of Teenagers & Mom! "Ouch's" Return ( Graphic Content)

I had received a distress call from the mother of two young teenage girls who arrived home from school and discovered "Ouch" the female Lesure Sulferheaded Cockatoothat was adopted by this wondeful family.

Was injured and was struggling to get up off the bottom of her cage. It was obvious that "Ouch" had pulled off her protective collar and once again began to self mutilate her right leg I noticed that she had a significant amount of blood droppings on the bottom of her cage, and had shallow labored breathing. So I quickly administered some electrolytes.

She quickly came started to regain her strength.

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After a quick field treatment, she was ready for transport to the nearest available avian veterinary office.

This bird named "Ouch for now; was recently featured in a prior post bird rescue back in November 2008 Below is a link to her Story;

After a quick field treatment, she was ready for transport to the nearest available avian veterinary office.

Upon closer examination the Doctor realized that he did not have enough experience to perform the operation of suturing this on wound shut by himself. I was not allowed to instruct him thru this proceedure. He offered some antibiotics and sent me on my way to seek help with an more experienced vetrenarian.

So I took "Ouch home for treatment.

First I I stopped back by to let the family home to let them visit their bird, and to pick up the Cockatoos cage so she could be care for at our sanctuary division. Back at the New facility, I gave "Ouch" some additional medical treatment.

The next morning Thursday, May 14th. Dr. Judd Witherspoon of East Mill Plane Veterinary services took my emergency call first appointment of the day.
After one week of medication, it was time to change the dressing.

After the seven stitches; The wound was healing just fine.

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With a new collar on " Ouch” was feeling better
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So ff I went to get "Ouch" back to our facility and keep her stable thru the night untill I could find an more experanced Vetrenaiany.

I stableize her for transport.

Back at N.W. Bird Rescues quarenty quarters "Ouch" enjoyed fresh fruits & veggies, while she relaxed watching Cartoons with her new found roomates.

After treatment I offered "Ouch some fresh fruit treats.

She loves fresh melons, apples and Bananas.

"Ouch was housed in my bed room at night for two weeks for closer observation for two weeks.

She had the company of two recently placed birds as roommates.

After 10 days "Ouch's woundsems to healing just fine...

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The healing of this bird is expensive.

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Thanks to the generous donation from our supporters this precious bird was saved.