Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 16th, 2009 Report from theYacolt Quaker's

Here’s a brief flash to the past of photos from the construction that the Yacolt Quakers have performed over this past year.


April 20th 2008


Below is a photo of Glenn Welker, the proud owner of nest platform #1 in Yacolt Washington.

This nest platform was completed March 31t, 2008 appropriately on Easter Sunday.

Earlier in the week, Glenn had called several times reporting Quakers on his platform.

Then this morning upon arriving home, he discovered two Quakers flying in and out of the nest in his backyard.

Below is a photo from April 1st 2008.

(Photo taken by; Lisa Welker of Yacolt, Washington. )

Below are photos from;

Sunday August 10, 2008 "The Yacolt Quakers Play at Home"

(Photo taken by; Lisa Welker of Yacolt, Washington.)
***May, 2009***

Below are recent photos of
the construction work by the

Yacolt ,Washington Quakers.

Their nest has grown over this past year.

Below is one new Quaker baby flying up to it's new 2009 home.

(Photos taken by owners Glenn & Lisa Welker)

And one of the Quaker parents stands guard perching outside the nest..

(Photos taken by Glenn & Lisa Welker)

Here's a photo of a pair of new baby Quakers peeking outside their new nest.

(Photos taken by Glenn & Lisa Welker)

Below is a photo of the Welkers nest platform from a distance...

(Photos taken by Glenn & Lisa Welker)

Here is a closer view of the additional sticks the Quakers have added over the past year...

Here is a closer view with rain clouds approaching in the background.

The Welkers are still hearing babies in their nest.

We hope to have an official count of our Yacolt Quakers soon.

Stay tuned for more updates.