Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday 7-26-09 7:00 AM Call from our Washington State Police dispatch ; Great Horned Owl Rescue rescue call

These two good Samaritans visiting from Utah fishing called 911 at 6:50 am when they found this Great horned owl entangled in fishing line.
If you look close, you'll notice the fishing line.
After untangling the line, he started up the tree.
( Click on photo to enlarge image) .( Click on photo to eblarge image)
Then a bit higher, with a small bit of fishing line still on his leg.

A pair of canoe’s passed by an we asked for help to shake the branch to confirm that this Great Horned Owl could fly without trouble.They shook the branch and...( Click on photo to enlarge image)He flew just fine ...