Monday, August 3, 2009


Sunday July 26, th 2009. We received to help this fledgling Osprey found in a parking lot in over 100-degree weather.

This is the 200 foot power pole where this apprent fledging Osprey fell from.

We hydrated the bird immediately with electrolytes. Hydrated and ready for transportation tempory sanctuary.

It was very easy to place him into his tempory holding nest cage.

Then we picked up 5 pounds. of Fresh Northwest Salmon. This fledgling ate 2.5lbs within 8 hours.

Below is a few video clips of this Osprey Breakfast Cry before Transported to the Portland Audubon.

Now he's Transported to the Portland Audubon .

Monday morning;
Arriving at the Portland Audobond.
I was happy to see him in the correct facility for care before his release back to his flock in Portland Oregon.

This bird was named "Ollie by the Good Samaritan who found him.
"Ollie looked at me as if to say good bye.
Then posed for the camera as to say Thank you.
A wonderful volunteer was happy to see this bird arrive, at the facility.