Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday May 11th, 2008 Happy Mothers Day !!!!

A special Happy Mothers Day to Nell Haberman, This volunteer who is currently the surrogate mother to more than a dozen orphaned babies, many from bird lovers from all over Oregon and Washington State. She has also has been nursing a broken wing Humming Bird for the past ten days.
(Feedings are every 15 minutes from dusk to dawn.)
This morning she happily takes in another baby that I delivered after receiving a call from a local emergency veterinary service at 10:00 am.

Yeah... Foood... Thanks New Ma' Nell

Whaaaat... We want some too. Ma' always likes the new kid the most!
A broken wing Humming bird..

Outside fresh air feeding for this Humming bird.

Fledging Stellar Jay Hey ! What abot me Ma' Nell..
I guess I'll just wait my turn.
Scrub Jay. Ma' Nell Kiss Me..
(Conspiracy Theory)
ALL RIGHT! Let gang up on her !! No one else moves in til she feeds us.
I'm going to pounce on her head! Ha.. Ha...
Let's gang up on that Crow...