Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday May 25th, 2008 A trip to Yacolt for baby photos & maintenance was interrupted by a rescue call.

It was a misty, 60 degree morning driving into Yacolt. We're visiting today to do maintenance on nest platform # 1 and hoping to get some photos of the baby Quakers that have been heard in the nest.Around the corner we saw smoke.
It looked like it was going to be a smokin' day as we viewed a controlled brush burning to our right.
Down the road a bit we stopped to cool down at the Lewis River.
A beautiful view of Lewis River.
Arriving in town nothing much seemed to have changed. Yellow tape is still deterring the Quakers from the power pole.
Arriving on the corner of Hubbard & Twin Falls Rd. YAPPA’s nest looked the same.
I could see that the Quakers built a nest entrance.
Arriving at nest platform #1 where the maintenance is needed,we noticed that the Quakers had added more sticks to the left of the platform.
Homeowner Glenn Welker has heard the baby Quakers over the last few weeks and was anxious to see photos of the babies. In addition, he was happy we were there to repair the lower front corner of the nest platform.
If you look closely you can see the lower left corner of the nest box where the repairs need to be made.
The setup begins.
Bottom view from the front of the box where the repairs need to be made.

Below, Glenn Welker & Garth Noggle prepare the compressor hose for the staple gun.

A bad joke was told...
Our first view into the nest box.
From the looks of this nest, the Quakers have been very busy weaving their new home.

A look into the nest box from the north.
A look into the west side of the box where the repairs are to be made.
The Quakers have woven a good insulation pattern around the drafty entrance.

A view of the north side.
Glenn Welker observes the Quakers in a nearby tree watching us.
The project begins...

... just to be interrupted by a phone call for an injured bird forty miles away. I quickly finish the repairs.

Garth prepares for a quick departure.
In route to the rescue, we glance at the "Leaving Yacolt" sign.
We ponder the remaining Quakers,
"The Yacolt Five"
Are all still alive.
We missed the opportunity to count the birds and photograph the new babies.
Well, maybe we will see the next clutch of babies this coming fall.

~~ Rescue Arrival ~ ~

Upon arriving at the location of the injured bird, we discovered our second American Kestrel Falcon within the last ten days.

Upon examination of this female Kestrel I discovered dried blood under it's left wing.
It appears to have a possible puncture wound or compound fracture.
I called Dr. Ackermann and was advised to transport immediately.
While Dr. Ackermann exams this bird, she receives another call on an injured goose. Upon further exam, the Dr. discovered that there is an apparent fracture. She bandages the bird and lets it rest a bit before transport for X-rays. Below, the Kestrel takes a much needed rest.