Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday May 13th 2008 Great News !!

(Click on any image for a full close up of image) While in the back seat, it was obvious that the bird was wounded. It had an abrasion above the left eye.A close friend of Judy's has referred them to us .
Pictured are the Quaker, Ted and Judy with grandson, Alec in the background. They were happy to see that the bird would receive medical care and that a search would soon begin for the owner.
Upon arrival inside the quarantine and acclimation room, the Quaker was happy to see a clean cage with fresh fruit, veggies, seed and water waiting for her.
This bird arrived with an abrasion above the eye. I added a topical antibiotic, gave the bird some electrolytes, and let it rest in a dark room.
After a night's rest, this bird was surprised to see a large full flight aviary waiting for her.
Fresh exotic seed and soft music.
The view was great but she was a bit timid to fly off her safe tree.
She looked around for two hours watching the Cockatiels fly.
She was not temped to fly. She felt safe on her perch with fruit, seed, TV, and music.
Back inside, it was time for more topical antibiotics to be applied.

After a further exam the Quaker appeared healthy with no additional wounds.

The Quaker was found on May 3, 2008 while Judy & Ted of Felida were on a walk in a park in the Salmon Creek area of Washington. A close friend of Judy's had referred them to us.
I immediately contacted a Parrot 911 Alert representitive and had this bird advertised on the Internet. I contacted the local newspapers and placed a Lost Bird ad. Volunteers of Parrot 911 Alert had volunteers plaster the area with posters about this bird.

The posters placed by Parrot 911 read:

May 3, Salmon Creek
Contact to ID:
Or call (360) BIR-DMAN

Nine days later the owners called after seeing one of the posters with a description of their bird which included the bird’s vocabulary.

The McDonald family quickly responded,
meet me andidentify.

The Quaker named "Doc", seeing her family flock, was ecstatic to touch a member of her flock. Within 10 seconds the family began to sing a familiar song.

Oddly enough, the song was… the theme from the T.V. show “Cops”. The family started singing “Bad Boy, Bad Boy... Whatcha’ gonna’ do? Whatcha’ gonna’ do?..... What they going to do when they come for you? ”Then the bird (named Doc) joined in right on cue without missing a beat and finished the song:

"Whatcha' gonna' do when they come for you..."

After "Doc" sang an extended "Bad Boy Bad Boy" she jump up onto her favorite perch.

The family was very happy to have their baby back.

Mr. McDonald held his little girl and gave her a special tickle.

"Doc" loved the extra attention.

Mr. McDonald enjoyed petting the belly of his smallest daughter.
After "Doc" received her extra TLC is was time to calm down for the trip home. One more cuddle and it was time for the drive home.

The McDonalds e-mailed me these photos of Doc when they arrived home.
"Doc" inspected her room making sure everything was in order.
She found her fresh fruit & veggies in place for breakfast or a quick midnight snack. One more peek to make sure her house is in order and the window is closed.
Then she prepares to close her cage door
and gives permission to pull the covers over her cage.

Thanks to the great work by all involved: Nancy,
Judy & Ted and Tracy.
Most important a special thank you
to our local Parrot 911 Alert staff, Christa & Chrisi who at the drop of a hat, dropped their schedules and relentlessly searched for this bird's owners,placed the posters and kept the communication gap open.
Once again they have reunited another lost feathered child back with its loving family.

Good job - well done!