Thursday, November 27, 2008

11-27-08 A Thankful Bird on Thanksgiving Day. (Graphic Content)

I received a call from a woman in distress. She was not able to care for this bird or pay for its medical needs.At first glance this wonderful female Crested Cockatoo appears to be normal, but if you look close at her feet you’ll notice some deformity due to possible improper housing and a selection of the wrong sized perch.
This sweet Cockatoo
(that we will name “Ouch” to protect the identity of her prior owner)
has a behavioral problem.

Ouch, who arrived from Las Vegas recently, possibly did not like the sounds of the new environment of the home she just move to. On the other hand, perhaps she did not like the other animals or the Northwest rains.The wonderful woman who called us explained that she rescued Ouch from her old neighbor in Las Vegas who was forced to move.
(Photo to be uploaded soon)
I was told that when the kids from the local school got of the local bus nearby that they tormented this Cockatoo. This may be the true reason Ouch began to self mutilate.

***(Photo to be uploaded soon)
Garth Noggle mixes a cocktail of medication to calm Ouch and gives her comfort &constant supervision.

Click on image to see at the damage Ouch inflicted upon herself within a few minutes time.
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After “Ouch” tore, open her leg. She was immediately brought to our favorite local avian DMV, Dr. Judd Witherspoon of VCA East Mill Plain Animal Hospital.
Dr. Witherspoons assistant holds” Ouch” to reassure this Cockatoo she will be fine after its surgery.
She had twelve stitches applied to close this wound. She is stable now. However, she will need to be under constant supervision for the next few weeks. Then just 10 days of antibiotics.
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A Special thanks to the staff of Dr. Judd Witherspoon & VCA East Mill Plain Animal Hospital located here in Vancouver, Washington. U.S.A.
Ouch is on the mend accepting medication & a sip of water. She now is living in housing quarters ten times the size of the cage she was picked up from.