Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday 11-25-08 Rescue Call.

At 6:01 PM I received a call from a doctor who explained to me has a falcon or hawk in route to their office. This bird was found in a backyard lying on the ground. At first glance, it appeared to be an American Kestrel.

Upon further examination I discovered that it was a Merlin with an apparent compound fracture to it's wing.

After we x- rayed we discovered that it has a compound fracture.
(Click on image of this x-ray and look at the right wing near the cavity.)
I gave him a calm coo to let him know it is safe.

Garth Noggle assist in helping this injured bird.We were observed by “Goldie Jane” the Blue and Gold Macaw.

Garth Noggle takes a few photos during this procedure.

Photo wrapping the tape around the body of the bird.

After stabilizing the wing...

...it was time to place him in a safe environment.

We placed the bird in a brooder.
(A stabilized controlled environmental housing)

Garth Noggle gives him a smile reassuring the bird he will be fine.

Then Garth offers him some supper.

Then I coax him to eat!

And eat he did.

Now its time for some rest .

Now he is happy and out of pain.

Moreover,he is ready for transport to the avian wildlife veterinary specialist.

One more bird safe from the elements of a growing city.