Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday November 23rd, 2008 7:14 am Rescue Call..

Sunday morning a Good Samaritan named Anthony called his local police department in Woodland, Washington, who then transferred the call to the Washington State Patrol. They had him contact us about an injured goose he and his dog discovered in his front yard.
The goose was found on the ground with apparent head and body injuries.
After a few calls we agreed to meet at the closest Emergency Veterinary office.
At first glance into the carrier I noticed a lethargic goose and a little blood on the floor of the carrier.
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I immediately wrapped up this goose and examined her. The bird was frightened but alert.
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I gently picked up this apparent hen goose.
There where no visible shoulder or wing injuries.
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I discovered injuries to it's lower left leg.
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If you look close you’ll notice there are signs of head trauma.
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The apparent female goose was bleeding from its beak.
It was time to transfer the bird to the sanctuary for further examination
After examination she examines her new sleeping quarters.
She then discovers lunch nearby.
She has her own private pool!
She feels safe,especially after a warm greeting from our curious residents
“Aflack & Quakers”.
“Aflack & Quakers" announce a few words of encouragement
to tell her that she is in a safe environment. The newly arrived injured goose settles right in for a nap.
As I closed her secure pen I glanced back at the goose I’ve named “Hope”.
I look to the right and view her new pool .
Then I look up at the sanctuary security camera in her pen.
I know she feels safe and I feel safe knowing I can keep her comfortable.
I'll keep a watchfull eye on her from above.