Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monday,October 27th, 2008 An odd visit to Yacolt Washington. Update on the Quakers.

It was a warm 64 degree day on the way to Yacolt.Today Mrs. Dorothy Krout, a supporter of our rescue efforts, accompanied me to Yacolt.

As we arrived in town, we stopped at one of the local apple trees where the Quakers had been feeding.
We discovered that the tree had been pruned back and that the apples on the ground showed no sign of the Quakers feeding at this location.
We arrived at the corner of Hubbard and Twin Falls Roads, the location of the primary roosting nest of the Quakers. We notice that the Quakers apparently have not attempted to rebuild on the power pole.

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We did notice some changes to Yacolt Parrot Preservation’s nest platform. It appears that they are preparing to add a support apparatus.

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Looking closer we noticed that Y.A.P.P.A. added some 2x4 boards to stabilize the platform from the high winter winds.

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Here's a full view of this platform.

Dorothy makes a comment on the good work YAPPA has done on their platform.

Pulling up to N.W.B.R.’S nest platform #1 we get a glance at the nest box from the street.
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We arrive at Glenn Welker’s home just as he arrives back from a California trip.

In Glenn’s back yard, he points out sticks the Quakers placed on the platform while he was away.
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Glenn asked me to step under the platform for a picture showing the nestbox that had been a proven breeding nest for over seven baby Quakers this year.

Across the street from Glenn’s house is NWBR’s platform #2.
We have heard reports that the Quaker babies have been seen exploring this nestbox.

Driving on to the green belt the view was beautiful.
Unfortunately, we did not see any Quakers there.
At this location, we inspected the pole.

Inside the home of Joanne Carras, the proud resident of the location where platform #2 is located, Dorothy sits for a warm cup of tea. At this time, Dorothy also announces that her 90th Birthday is coming up December 12th.
While calling the other locations in town we were informed that there have been numerous sighting of four Quakers exploring the nest platform at Cyril Young’s home.

It was reported that the new baby birds, four to six at a time have been seen arriving in the early morning hours the past week. This new flock has been entering the nest platform and playing for about an hour a day.

We traveled down the street two blocks to nest platform #4, located at the Peterson’s home on Jones Street. Due to an illness in the family the past few weeks the Petersons were unable to give an accurate report of the Quaker’s activities.

As we left town that evening, we passed by the town hall and realized that we didn’t learn much...
...other than we know we will be back to report more.

For now, we know the count is at least 13 surviving Yacolt Quakers.