Friday, October 19, 2007

Bird Poems

One Parrot's Rescue Cry

Will you take me home with you?
I can't promise I'll be good.
No one taught me how to act,
Or behave as a parrot "should".

My first owner didn't treat me right
He said I was "bad".
He never forgave me for that first bite
After that, he was always mad.

He shoved me back into my cage,
And I started to scream.
Then he hit me in rage
And my life became a bad dream.

So, now I scream and yes, I bite.
I'm angry and misunderstood.
But, please take me home with you,
Love me and I'll be good.

Please let me come home with you
And spend some time with me.
I can be sweet again, I know.
Take me home, and you'll see.

My next owner swore at me,
I learned to say things back.
So now my words are crude and rude,
Please cut me some slack.

If you let me come home with you
I'll learn some nicer speech.
If you are kind and give me the time
I'll change my vulgar screech.

I'm really just a baby,
And so misunderstood.
Please let me come home with you,
I can learn to be good.

My next owner just HAD to have me.
She thought I was "way too cool".
But now she doesn't have the time for me.
She's busy with boys in school.

That's why I began to pluck,
I'm not pretty any more.
I won't be much of an ornament,
If that's what you're looking for.

I may never grow new feathers,
My chest may always be bare.
But my soul, I know, could heal itself
If I only had someone who cares.

My last owner died and left me,
She said she made plans.
But she never followed through on them,
And I've fallen into bad hands.

Please take me home and treat me right.
And let our friendship grow.
Please let me come home with you,
This time it will work, I know.

Please overlook my failings,
Please end this pain and strife.
Please, please take me home with you,
And I'll be your friend for life.

Written By: A very special person that wishes to
remain anonymous.


The first time I saw you,
I knew that it was true.
You were only a tender 3 weeks old
But I knew I had to have you!

You brought to me so much joy,
Laughter, smiles and tears.
I never thought I could love a bird
And relinquish all my fears.

The day I had to give you up
I thought my heart would literally break.
For the car accident I had a month before,
My independence, it would take.

I knew I could no longer take care of you
And you only deserved the best
So finding someone to be your new "mom"
I would make that my only quest.

It has now been a few years since I gave you up
And my heart still aches for your sweet kiss.
But I know your new "mom" loves you
And I pray you will live a life full of bliss!

God bless you and
I still love you, Meeko!

Something to Share

" Bird crazy " is what they call me.
And parrots are my game.
This name I have been given.
Is an honor, not a shame.

I love them. I care for them. I comfort them too
I also work with humans
and teach them to follow through.

When you bought this lovely creature.
You probably did not know.
Just how very smart it was.
Nor how your life would go.

Sometimes they bite. Sometimes they scream
They make lot's of messes too.
Another thing to remember is;
They'll probably out live you.

Parrots are wild creatures
But live in homes you see.
They depend on us to give to them.
All the things they need.

They need to have their showers.
Don't forget their Doctor too.
They cannot live on seed alone.
So Sad That many do.

They need Love and Understanding
when they are scared or hurt or sad.
They do not understand it when
we are tired, stressed, or mad.

We must always remember.
They were meant to be free.
We must give them more than just a cage.
For they would really like a tree.

So when you take a parrot home.
Please keep these things in mind.
It's up to you to understand
And always to be kind.
By: Tammy Murphy

With your wings held high
You put a smile on my face
With all your might
You always left your trace
Never did I see you frown
For your smile was never upside down
Why is it that you loved me so
was I part of your soul
You were always by my side
And although you are no longer on my shoulder
I can still feel your presence
Your fluff warming my heart
I will always miss you
And I know the favor will be returned some day
For when I see you once again
It will be in the sky where
You will once again hold your wings up high

By: Andie

The Captive Parrot

Magnificent creatures, what a wonderful sight,
When a colorful bird, takes off in a flight,

What beautiful wings, so high in the air,
Oh what i'd give, to dwell with them there,

Captured and bred, till they could no longer see,
how to live in their world, nor what its like to be free,

Its so sad how they live, confined to one spot,
Cannot perch in a tree, nor be part of a flock,

They've been brought in our homes, their will not in thought,
We'll just have them as pets, whether they care or not,

Their ways we have changed, their homes we have burned,
Yet what have they shown us, but love in return?

To them we owe a lifelong debt,
How dare we mistreat them, and call them a pet?

Forgiving and trusting, our patience they need,
They cant stay in a cage, or be fed only seed,

Their spirit is high, though a prisoner they live,
What can we do, to match what they give?

What precious angels, they are indeed,
The least we can do, is provide what they need,

So remember your task, when it seems hard to do,
Your kind loving friend, will appreciate you.

Dennis Williams
Tulsa, OK

It all began when I was Six
One budgie that's all I started with
and from that budgie my collection grew
Peach faces, regents and cockatiels
But five or six was not enough
I wanted something bold
I wanted something bright
The Sun Conure it caught my eye at that very first sight
The sun Conure is an exotic
I had no cash in my short pocket
So like a tenacious bull I had set my mind on buying them
But still this was not enough
I wanted something fun
I wanted something creative
The Quaker
To watch this bird build its nest
is like watching a man build a house
And as the years have pasted my collection has
Just grown grown grown
And in the morning all you hear is the
Chatter of the lorikeets
The screech of the sun conures
The scream of the Galah
The chirp of the peach faces
And a Silent beep, beep from the finches
As they wisps through the air
Although the noise drives my brother crazzy
And breeding exotics are not as easy
But there is always a good side of them

By David Young


Ever since they got that bird
They have never spent any time with me
But what am I suppose to do
Well I sit in the corner wishing that I had never been born
I see everybody's eyes around the bird and I wish it could be me
Then my parents go on a trip
I look at the bird with meanness
But then it shouts, "I love you"
Directly to me
Then I burst out
I was never mad just so in love I didn't know it
He is the one I savor and now
Instead of a frown I wear
An upside down one!

By: Sam

A Few Words of Wisdom

"Many of you have forgotten this truth
but you must never forget it:
you remain responsible, forever,
for what you have tamed."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals.
Animals suffer as much as we do ….
It is our duty to make the whole world recognise it.”

Albert Schweitzer: The Philosophy of Civilization

"Like all intelligent thinking creatures, there would always be those that wore out their welcome. Some would be too noisy, some would grow up to be nasty and some would be cast out when their owners grew tired of them or went through a life change.”

Howard Voren

(One of the largest birdmill breeders in the country speaking about parrots at a breeders conference...confirming the reality, but apathetically dismissing it!)

When the human/parrot interaction goes wrong

Years ago I collected the names of 37 people I'd met who had required plastic surgery to repair the facial damage done by a parrot's beak.

What concerned me the most was the outcome for each of those 37 birds.

All of them either lost their home or had been locked in their cages ever since.

Liz Wilson, USA parrot behaviourist, CVT


A Poem

    by Terri L. Doe

      The Rainforest where we once lived
      was lush and thick and green
      The trees they reached into the sky
      like none that most have seen.

      And in the tree's a hollow spot
      is where we both would go,
      For in the hollow, we would lay
      our eggs as white as snow.

      The forest it had plenty
      of food for us to eat
      And water holes where animals
      would play and swim and meet.

      One day as I was in my log
      I heard an awful sound,
      I flew out to the lookout branch
      to see what lurked around.

      A human with his nets and gloves,
      machete and a sack,
      Had come to steal our chicks from us,
      Oh how I want them back.

      And when he took our little chicks
      I heard a piercing cry,
      He dropped my chick from up above,
      I had to watch him die.

      And when he left, we went to see
      our hollow and our nest
      Our family was gone you see,
      our place where we would rest.

      The village man, he walked for miles
      through forest thick and green,
      The babies cried inside the bag,
      it hurt to hear them scream.

      Into the village with the bag
      the merchants came to see,
      When opened up a single chick
      is all that there would be.

      On the bottom lay my chick
      his body limp and frail,
      His eyes sunk in, his wrinkled skin,
      no longer would he wail.

      The thunders coming closer
      the tree shakes from the ground,
      Branches flying everywhere
      our home is falling down.

      I fly away and then I see
      my mate is no where near,
      I search above the tree tops
      no calls for me to hear.

      And on the ground my lifelong mate
      lies still as still can be,
      And we will never mate again
      and never will be three.

      And all the trees where we once lived
      are gone forever now,
      For roads and pastures take their place
      and ranchers with their cows.

      Our food supply has dwindled
      our water hole is gone,
      No place to rest my tired wings
      Dear mate it won't be long.

      Soon you will not see us
      in the forest if you look,
      The library is where we'll be
      inside a picture book.

      So won't you tell your children
      of the parrots you once knew,
      And rest your head at night with ease
      Knowing, you did all that you could do.

Life with a Parrot

Life with a parrot is strange but sweet,
With rooms filled with chirps and chatter and cheeps.
Now gather around and I'll tell you a tale
Of a bird who eats… and flings her kale.

Kale on the wall, kale on the floor,
Kale on the ceiling, and kale on the door.
Look down there, a bug's on the floor!
Instead, it's some down from a bird that's soared…

Into the air and around my head
This bird is fleeing cause it's time for bed.
Onto the curtain rail, on top of the door,
As if to say "Come on, come on, chase me some more!"

Into the kitchen, into the loo…
What is a cute little birdie to do?
Birdies are suckers for apples and grapes;
It's a trick to get her down from the drapes.

Moms often need help, in the way of a ploy.
Use treats for distraction, or even a toy.
Gellert says, " Screech!" and thinks to herself
(As she goes in her cage and into her nest):
"I'm not tired; don't want to rest."

I babble and chatter and chirp and cheep;
Then forage around for my last bit of treat.
I look for the Kale; it's nowhere in sight!
Look! There! There's some by the light!

I know what to do; I'll snatch it through flight,
But the cage door is bolted and locked real tight.
Someone please help! I need one last bite!!!!!

I let out a scream and Mommy comes by,
To check out the problem; she quickly replies…
"Gellert, I love you, but it's time for bed."
Out the light went so I firmly said,

"Squishy swha shwa squishy shwye"

I think she understood and to my delight,
She brought me some kale from the kitchen so bright.
I had a few bites and then I was done.
I decided it was time to fling some for fun.

Mommy soon said, "Now have a good night."
I closed my eyes and out went the lights.
I grinded my beak; my content's no disguise.
I dreamed through the night of kale and treats,

Cause my mommy is neat; she can't be beat.
She knows what a bird like me wants to eat.

Written by......Lisa Long......Owner of Gellert...Green-Cheeked Conure/Lovebirds. Member of Parrot Passions UK

Parrot's Prayer

Lord, hear our prayer...

For all the wild caught parrots so savagely netted and swept away from their families while their babies, dumped into burlap sacks, cried out in terror.
For all the exotic birds that witnessed the destruction of all the blessed trees and fled fires in fear from man's thirst to dominate, stripping the land of all its inhabitants, leaving nothing but bare ground behind.
For all the parrots that struggled through the capture but died unmercifully in transport from the stress of overcrowded, barbaric, confinements and inconceivable horror.
For all the survivors that made it into captivity but exist in a nightmare of confinement unable to use their God given wings of flight as they once remembered.
For all the baby birds bred in captivity whose crops were burned or have died needlessly from harshness of human hands.
For all captive birds that have been erased from their owner's consciousness and are abandoned to a lifeless existence with only a distant memory of what it was like to hear a gentle voice from someone that used to care.
For all those who don't know what it's like to live life as a bird or even to feel the breeze or sunlight but are doomed to darkness in closets or garages, trapped inside covered cages or shackled.
For all the Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and Conures that are stripped of their vocal chords for screaming, their sensitive beaks cut back to prevent biting.
For all birds that end up for sale in pet shops or breeders, like used merchandise, unwanted and frightened in strange surroundings with nothing than the familiar sight of bars on a cage.
For all the beautiful victims used as a marketing tool like a lifeless ornament caged inside hotels, restaurants and stores where no one worries if they are kept warm at night or if they are lonely and bored.
For all the neglected birds that are sick with infections from filthy conditions and malnourishment that may never recover and know what it is to feel healthy and be playful.
For all the misconceived parrots who were beaten, stabbed, blinded and burned for just being a parrot.
For every African Grey and Cockatoo that punishes himself from confinement and boredom by maiming his body body and plucking his feathers and for those who have lost all spirit of life and sway their head low from side to side slowly into insanity.
We ask humbly of you, dear Lord, to look upon all of your magnificent feathered creations. Protect them from evil and harm caused by man and to bring forth an awakening in the human heart and make it a kinder and gentler world for all captive birds - Amen

Sally Brooks