Friday, October 19, 2007

Mission Statement

Since 1999, “Birdman” has been placing exotic birds for free to the special needs individuals in our community. We are a bird welfare organization provides for the complete physical, psychological and environmental well being of the birds in the organization’s care. Through the education of the public, proper legal documentation, extensive support services, and constant follow-up procedures, a bird welfare organization insures that whether the birds remain in a sanctuary, in rehabilitation, are placed into adoptive or foster homes, or released back to their natural habitat, that the birds are continually nurtured. Our bird welfare organization also provides for the general welfare of birds in the public domain by providing accurate, comprehensive and reliable educational materials and resources to the public.

Our Organization provides sanctuary and cares for all birds that are exotic that are suitable for adoption or placement in foster care or for persons that have specifically requested that their birds remain in permanent sanctuary. All sanctuary birds receive the same high level of care as the birds available for adoption and foster care. Sanctuary birds are housed in species-specific rooms of our main facility and have access to outdoor flights, abundant enrichment, and psychological and environmental support on a daily basis. Our facilities provide:

  • A safe haven for birds that prefer not to interact with humans in a companion animal situation as well as those that need a new human companion and are available for adoption.
  • A home for birds with chronic disease with supportive care and nurturance.
  • Staff dedicated to meet the needs of the individual bird.
  • Educational programs that focus on some of the sanctuary birds' specific needs or problems, indigenous habitats, conservation status, or social interaction to promote the parrot welfare cause
  • Nurturing and care for wild birds that are injured or in some specific need of our services so that they may be returned to their natural habitat or sanctuary as quickly as possible.

At our Organization "to rescue" is to bring a bird that is in an acute, life threatening situation or is in immediate need of assistance into a safe environment to be cared for by a knowledgeable and dedicated staff committed to improving the bird's quality of life. If present quarantine is filled and an emergent situation requiring immediate assistance occurs, we have an interstate network of people and veterinarians available to us. Our Organization rescues:

  • Birds found in deplorable conditions or in danger either by the general public, the foundation itself, or by animal control officers.
  • Birds owned by owners who, because they were unable to provide a safe environment for the birds, turned the birds over to our Organization.

*** Our new goal is by the end of 2008 is to focus on placing tamed exotic birds, strictly with special needs families, who have the desire for a exotic bird, but not the financial capabilities. ***

We hope to continue to aide these families, with education and a network of Avian veterinarians who will offer discounted services fees & services. And a great bird companion for life.