Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sanctuary Program

The Foundation provides sanctuary and permanently cares for birds that are not suitable for adoption or placement in foster care or for persons that their owners are incarcerated or that have specifically requested that their birds remain in permanent sanctuary. All sanctuary birds receive the same high level of care as the birds available for adoption and foster care. Sanctuary birds are housed in species-specific rooms at the Foundation and have access to outdoor flights, abundant enrichment, and psychological and environmental support on a daily basis. The Foundation's sanctuary provides: * A safe haven for birds that prefer not to interact with humans in a companion animal situation. * A safe haven for birds that their owners are incarcerated, until their owners are stable again. * A home for birds with chronic disease with supportive care and nurturance. * Staff dedicated to meet the needs of the individual bird. * Educational programs that focus on some of the sanctuary birds' specific needs or problems, indigenous habitats, conservation status, or social interaction to promote the parrot welfare cause.