Monday, October 15, 2007

Items Dangerous To Parrots


The following are food items never to feed. Even in small doses they can be fatal.

Chocolate, avocados, sugar, unwashed fruits and veggies (due to the pesticides). Mayonnaise products (go bad fast). Old seeds and nuts (can contain fungus or alfa toxins). Rhubarb , and milk or egg products from a public dispenser. Any food containing MSG (generally found in Chinese restaurant food).


New carpeting, cedar bedding, cedar paneling, color newspaper print, teflon, self-cleaning ovens, oil based paints, led based paints, antifreeze.


Dishwasher detergent, drain cleaner, floor polish, floor wax, furniture polish, furniture wax, gasoline, kerosene, lye, oven cleaner, paint remover, paint thinner, shoe polish, toilet bowl cleaner, wood preservatives.


Open toilet bowls, pots and pans on the stove. Electrical wires, dog and cat saliva, sharp

objects, needles, pins, razors and razor blades, computer mouse, computer keyboard, open water dishes, electrical appliances, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezers.


Acetone, air rifle pellets, algae toxins, alcohol, ammonia, amphetamines, ant syrup or paste, arsenic, asbestos, ashtrays, aspirin, automotive products, base of light bulbs, batteries, bleach, bonemeal products, boric acid, bug bombs, bug pesticides, bullets, caffeine, camphophenique, car exhaust, carbon monoxide, carbon tetrachloride, certain soaps, charcoal lighter, chemical sprays, chlordane, cigarettes, cigars, cigarette smoke, clinitest tablets, copper and brass polish, corn and wart remover, cosmetics, costume jewelry, crayons, curtain weights, DDT, deodorants, detergents, dolomite, epoxy glue, fabric softeners, fertilizers, firecrackers, fishing sinkers, fishing weights, flea bombs, as well as flea collars. Fluoracetates, fluoropolymers from spray cans, foil from champagne bottles, foil from wine bottles, galvanized chicken wire, garbage toxins, garden sprays, gun cleaners,

hair dye fumes, hair dyes, hair spray, hardware cloth, herbicides, hexacholorophene, indelible felt markers, all insecticides, iodine, lead painted doors, moldings and windows, leaded gasoline fumes, lead salts in linoleum, leaded weights in some bird toys, lighter fluid, matches (safety matches ok), medicines, model cement, moth balls, muriatic acid, nail polish, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, perfumes, permanent wave solutions, pesticide strips, photographic solutions, pipe tobacco, pine oil, putty, rat or mouse poison, red squill, roach poison, self cleaning ovens, shaving lotions, sheet rock, shellac, shoe polish, shotgun pellets, silver polish, sleeping pills, smoke, snail bait, solder, some types of zippers, spot remover, spray starch, strychnine, sulfuric acid, suntan lotions, super glue, surgical acrylics, thallium, unglazed ceramics, warfarin, wee killer, weighted items, wild mushrooms, window wash solvents, and zinc.

This is only a partial list. Check the labels of any household cleaners that you use or talk to your avian veterinarian.