Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Logo Birds

Our Logo Birds are named "Tarzan" & "Jane"

Also known as Bozo & Goldie.

Goldie “Jane” ,is on the left side of the photo( A Blue & Gold Macaw) that was taken while fruits and veggies where being prepared for all the birds in the sanctuary.

She was purchased at the Los Angles Bird show in November of 1991 at the young age of three months.

Her new mate, “Bozo “aka “Tarzan (A Brazilian Scarlet Macaw) on the right side of this photo m was also purchased at the Los Angles Bird show at the age of 6 months.

Both birds where selected & purchased by the founder & Co founder William M. Driggins & Christopher J. Driggins.

His first core intention of this purchase was to hope these opposite sexed set of birds would bond and breed an exotic highbred Name a “Catalina Macaw”.

Until Christopher started to realize his dream would jus become part of the already over blown population of exotic birds that in America that where in most cases the birds out live their owners.

At this large bird show, with over ten thousand birds. Christopher noticed a large amount of handicapped and special needs birds that sparked his interest. He had already had his first rescue of “Caesar” a Goffin Cockatoo.

And while at the bird show he and his father purchased special needs elderly Umbrella Cockatoo. Noticing, and understanding that the handicap birds would need special housing, perches and toys.

He began a small rescue for elderly & handicapped birds.

Not to mention special perches & specialized arranged toys for their exercise. This touched him and he discovered a special need to sanctuary these special needs birds and elderly birds.

So back in the early 1990’s Christopher Driggins had his heart touched by a broken feather.