Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Wildlife Foundation Molalla, Oregon. We have had a few inquires about the American Wildlife Foundation.Therefore;

We have had a few inquires about the American Wildlife Foundation.Therefore, we created this post with a slideshow, so you can see their work that they contribute to our community and contact information on how to contact them to give a tax-deductible donation.

American Wildlife Foundation "GREAT " Slideshow !
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American Wildlife Foundations MISSION StatementThrough education and involvement, the American Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to teaching people to care for and about the environment. The interests of AWF are worldwide; its focus is on the local communities. We believe that people are most strongly influenced by what they can see, hear, and experience. AWF strives to teach people that our world’s most valuable treasures are in their hands; that every day actions, even ones that seem small, actually can make a difference. AWF fosters grand scale conservation as it is done best, one person at a time.As resources allow, AWF provides the following programs and services:

Assists and supports local, national and international organizations dedicated to promoting wildlife care and conservation

Shelters, and provides veterinary and rehabilitation care to wildlife .

Informs and educates people about wild animals and ecosystem conservation.

Promotes research and continuing education for animal care and conservation professionals.

SUPPORTING OUR WORKGetting involved doesn't have to cost a lot, doesn't have to take a lot of time. Help us help our native wildlife with a simple low annual membership, by donating food or used or new supplies or equipment, or by volunteering a little of your time. It is easy, educational, and rewarding. And every little bit helps! Individual Donation, Membership, Sponsorship, Leaving AWF in Your Will/Bequest, VolunteeringReduce, Reuse, Recycle. It makes a difference!

My name is Cloud Spirit. I'm a Bald Eagle. I was brought to AWF when I was hit by a truck and lost my right eye. Fortunately, I have a home here at AWF and am now an Animal Ambassador. I teach kids about my wild world. I'm a Special Adoption

To send your donation or contact us, write to:

American Wildlife Foundation

P.O. Box 1246

Molalla, Oregon 97038

Telephone (503) 829-9567

or e-mail us at: moreinfo@awildfound.org

AWF Website Address ; http://www.awildfound.org/