Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st 2008 New Photo's sent From a local Yacolt Resident of Heavy snow from this past Friday March 29th, 2008

Friday March 29, 2008 Under a heavy morning snow. Glenn Welker of Yacolt Washington took these photos of the Yacolt Quakers and nest boxes recently erected.
Friday March 29, 2008. The dark brown nest platforms with a wood colored bottom were just erected by the Yacolt Parrott Preservation across the street from the main power pole where the Quakers have been constructing their nest on Clark Counties Power Pole.

The Pole pitcured below was errected by N.W. Bird Rescue March 1st, 2008.

Photos below are recently erected Nest platforms erected by Y.P.PA.

Photo's taken By Glenn Welker of Yacolt Washington. Friday March 28th 2008

It appears that the Quakers have been wise to keep their nest small. * Mr. Welker remarked.
The Quakers have yet to show any interest in the recently installed nest platforms erected by Y.P.P.A.
Mr. Welker reported earlier in the week he has seen four to six Quakers exploring two platforms erected by Northwest Bird Rescue group from .March 1st, 2008