Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thursday April 17th 2008

While driving into Yacolt it was a partly cloudy day about 60 degrees. I had to see these new changes for myself as well as the other news I had heard over the phone from a few Yacolt residences.

click on photo to enlarge. Upon arriving at the first location where CPUD installed their first orange sleeve, it was obvious that they removed the sleeve and replaced it with yellow caution tape.

click on photo to enlarge. It was hard to believe without seeing this for myself.

click on photo to enlarge. On the comer of Yacolt Rd & Hubbard there was a orange sleeve on a power pole in a area where the birds hadn’t attempted to build a nest since November 2007.This Orange sleeve appears no to be secure and may have slipped down due to the wind.
click on photo to enlarge.It is currently is three feet to four feet below the recommended height.
This Orange sleeve appears not to be secure and may have slipped down just due to the on photo to enlarge.

As I was approaching the corner of Twin fall & Hubbard I was greeted by Councilman James Waldron, Also known as “The Colonel “ and past Mayor of Yacolt. He informed me that two Quakers had been seen living inside of N.W. Bird Rescues, nest box number two, located on Hubbard Street.

As I approached the N.W. Bird Rescue Platform Site Number two. I saw two Quakers, startled and flew away, out of this location.
As I was leaving town I was wondering about the fate of the remaining Quakes once again.

Somehow, I had a feeling that the Quakers called the"Yacolt 6 "will survive.